Driving Your Business Success

For Client Businesses
  • Register your account
  • Post the project requirements
  • The Platform will help with your requirement and deliver relevant freelancers within 72 hrs
  • Review, negotiate and hire your desired freelancers with electronic paperwork’s and monthly billing
  • Who and why should sign up for a Client account?

    If your business hires freelancers to support the project needs, you can benefit more from signing up a Client account.

  • What specialised freelancers will I find at Hiredge?

    We focus on Information Communication Technology (or Technology Media Telecommunications) and Digital Data Technology.

    They encompass a wide range of industries and technologies such as software and technology services, telecommunications infrastructure and services, computer hardware and semiconductor, digital media and entertainment etc.

    By functions, they are from technical consulting, business consulting, regulatory consulting, even financial and management consulting background.

    Please refer to our expert freelancers page in detail.

  • What’s the selection process through the platform?

    Step 1: After you signed up client account, you create a project request when ready, our account manager can help Configure the requirements if needed.

    Step 2: You shall receive proposed profiles within 72hrs.

    Step 3: You review qualified profiles through the platform; alternatively, account manager shall assist you in providing a list of screened candidates, where you can request interview and start negotiation.

    Step 4: Once suitable freelancer is founded for your project, go confirming the agreed conditions.

  • How do you qualify the freelancers?

    2 ways qualifications - we source from restricted network, with work reference recorded; we also monitor and check each project delivery feedback. Still, we advise the client business to interview at their best.

  • What if I am not fully satisfied with a hired freelancer?

    Your account manager can help navigate substitution process, according to the agreed conditions.

  • Do the freelancers work remotely or on-site?

    At your preference, either remotely work or on-site.

  • How Hiredge helps its Clients?

    You will have a assigned account manager to help from A2Z.

  • How much does it cost?

    Your business shall pay based on time & material, i.e. the consulting time delivered by the freelancers that you have hired; We charge a flat fee of 20% as a percentage of spend generated by our platform; e.g. if the invoicing value is $10K, our fee is $2K.


Igniting Your Career Journey

For Freelancers
  • Join the platform
  • Register your account
  • Receive project opportunities and participate if interested
  • Get hired
  • Who and why should sign up for an Expert account?

    If you are a freelancer with expertise matching the categories, you would benefit more from signing up an expert account.

  • What are the requirements to become a member of the Hiredge Network?

    You should already have a copy of CV, with proven track of delivery record; we advise you to load your past project works to the platform if you have.

  • How to apply for a project and how Hiredge helps?

    Step 1: Sign up and join the platform.

    Step 2: received project opportunities and participated if interested.

    Step 3: Get hired.

  • How does the contract and payment work?

    The paperwork are provided by the platform electronically, a clear definition of project objectives, scope, timelines, milestones and deliverables.

    Depending on the agreed conditions, payment shall be processed upon acceptance is approved normally in monthly.

    As a Freelancer, you shall invoice Hiredge for the agreed amount and timesheets etc according to agreed conditions.

  • How much does it cost?

    Signing up to become a member of the network is FREE. We charge client business for using the platform.


Why Hiredge Solution?

Focus on Your Work & Team

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  • When did Hiredge start and why is created?

    We started and operated as a HR services company for several years; the Hiredge talent platform is our latest brand, driven by the future workforce framework.

  • What is our mission and value?

    Our mission is to revolutionise the freelance industry by providing a talent platform that leverages AI technology to facilitate seamless and efficient connections between highly skilled / expert professionals and businesses in the ICT/TMT and DDaT sectors.

    We aim to empower client businesses by matching them with the right talent for their project-based business needs, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving market; pushing the boundaries of conventional staffing firm and delivering unparalleled value to both businesses and freelancers in the industry.

  • Where is Hiredge based?

    Based in London, operating globally.