Sr. Security Engineer

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Project detail

We seek for an experienced Senior Engineer for one of global leading embedding software company specialising in the automotive industry; this project requirement requires expertise in various partitions and domains, with a focus on TEE (TrustZone), SYS (Linux), IVI (Android), and IOC (ClassicAutoSar). It entails working with specific components within each partition, including cryptographic modules, authentication mechanisms, access control, and system integration.

What you should have and do:

  • TEE Partition Expertise: The Senior Engineer will have in-depth knowledge and experience with TEE partition components such as CryptoManager, DARP_TA, FODActivation_TA, SecureTouch_TA, BladeAuthentication_TA, IDS-Basis_TA, and VKMS. You will be responsible for understanding the functionality and interactions of these components.
  • SYS Partition Proficiency: The Senior Engineer will possess expertise in the SYS partition, which operates on a Linux platform. You will work with components such as DARP, IDSMaster, SOK, VKMS, Blade Authentication Slave, Video Authentication, SecureSOA, Firewall, and Linux Access Control. Understanding the integration and functioning of these components is essential.
  • IVI Partition Familiarity: The Senior Engineer will be knowledgeable about the IVI partition, which operates on the Android platform. You will work with components such as SOK, SecSOA, VKMSProxy, IDS_App, Firewall Configuration, and SELinux Policy. Your responsibilities will include understanding the integration and behavior of these components.
  • IOC Partition Competence: The Senior Engineer will have expertise in the IOC partition, which operates using the ClassicAutoSar framework. You will work with components such as IDSSensor IOC, SOK, VKMS, and SecSOA. Understanding the functionality and interaction of these components within the IOC partition is crucial.
  • System Integration and Testing: The Senior Engineer will be responsible for system integration, ensuring seamless communication and interoperability between the TEE, SYS, IVI, and IOC partitions. You will design and execute test cases, verify system behavior, and troubleshoot issues to ensure the overall system’s reliability and performance.
  • Requirements Analysis: The Senior Engineer will collaborate with stakeholders to capture and analyze system-level requirements for the respective partitions. You will translate these requirements into practical solutions, considering technical constraints and feasibility.
  • Component Development and Customization: The Senior Engineer may be involved in the development and customization of specific components within the TEE, SYS, IVI, and IOC partitions. This could include modifying existing modules or designing new ones to meet project requirements.
  • Documentation and Reporting: The Senior Engineer will document architectural designs, technical specifications, test procedures, and project progress. You will provide regular reports and updates to project stakeholders, highlighting any issues or recommendations for improvement.


  • Expertise in TEE partition components, including cryptographic modules, authentication mechanisms, and secure touch interfaces.
  • Proficiency in SYS partition components, specifically within the Linux environment, such as access control, authentication, and firewall mechanisms.
  • Familiarity with IVI partition components, particularly within the Android platform, including system security, access control, and configuration.
  • Competence in IOC partition components using the ClassicAutoSar framework, such as sensor integration, communication protocols, and security mechanisms.
  • Strong system integration skills, with the ability to ensure seamless communication and interoperability between partitions.
  • Experience in requirements analysis, system design, and development within the automotive industry.
    Proficient in software testing, debugging, and troubleshooting techniques.
  • Excellent documentation and communication skills to effectively convey technical concepts and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
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Project Completion deadline

July 8, 2023